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Zycoo SIP Speaker is a type of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) speaker designed and manufactured by Zycoo, a leading provider of IP telephony and networking equipment.

The Zycoo SIP Speaker is a compact and versatile device that allows for high-quality audio communications over IP networks. It supports various VoIP protocols such as SIP and RTP, and it can be easily integrated into any IP-based communication system.

One of the key features of the Zycoo SIP Speaker is its ability to be powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE), which eliminates the need for external power supplies and simplifies installation. It also supports automatic provisioning and firmware upgrades via a web interface, which makes it easy to manage and maintain remotely.

SQ10 Series
SQ10 SeriesNetwork Square Speaker SQ10 is a series of comprehensive and high-performance SIP-enabled speakers. The SQ10 series available in eight models, four for flush-mounted and four for surface-mounted. All are designed to fulfill the needs in different application scenarios.
Commercial Speakers
Commercial SpeakersZYCOO SC10, SC15 & SW15 are compact high-performance SIP enabled speakers which can be used for SIP paging, notification/tone broadcasting and streamed high definition music playback. The high efficient, full-range drive units will provide you with a uniquely advanced listening experience.
All-Weather Speakers
All-Weather SpeakersZYCOO SL50 Network Column Speaker is 4G wireless compatible, while the SL30 Network Column Speaker is PoE+ supported. SL50 and SL30 cover a wide frequency band to provide high sensitivity, beautiful sound, and a unique listening experience for listeners. As well as the IP65-Enclosure makes the SL50 and SL30 perfect to work in any outdoor environment.
Outdoor Horn Speaker
Outdoor Horn SpeakerZYCOO SH30 Network Horn Speaker is a SIP-enabled constant directivity paging speaker which provide an orotund voice for SIP paging, notification/tone broadcasting and streamed background music. With the IP65 Enclosure, it is perfectly deployed in outdoor and other open spaces for public notifications and safety purposes.
IP Audio Server
IP Audio ServerThe foundation of a comprehensive paging solution should included the IAS-L100, providing you the out-of-box feature to ready to use.