MyPBX is a brand and part of @distribution service at Red Apple Solutions (Hong Kong) Ltd., and a leading provider of IP PBX, unified communications and business phone system solutions.

Founded in 2008, Red Apple believes that technology should enhance communications, making  them transparent and natural. MyPBXV's innovative approach to UC system delivery platforms, which offer customers end-to-end @ MyPBX solutions including business phones, application integration,  collaboration tools, mobility, and contact or call center applications

Our engineers are certified by Yeastar

We know what we are doing and clearly understand the solution we propose to our customers. That’s the reason we can provide the best solution with high-quality support to our customers. We always let our engineers keep learning and update through the technology growth.

Red Apple was founded in 2004, originally known as the Red Apple System. Initially, we offered services such as hosting and the development of simple web-based systems. In February 2008, Red Apple Solutions (Hong Kong) Ltd was officially established. Since then, Red Apple has expanded its range of IT services, which now encompass three major categories: business application solutions, IT product sales and distribution, and system development and programming services.

In the past, we focused on developing localized, high-quality application systems to cater to specific customer segments.

Red Apple is primarily comprised of three departments: marketing and sales, system and technical support, and program development. Each department consists of professionals who are passionate about information technology and possess extensive relevant experience. Our goal is to provide high-quality information technology services tailored to the needs of our customers. In March 2013, Red Apple established the system R&D and programming department as Red Apple Systems (Hong Kong) Ltd. This move aimed to shift our focus towards cloud-based software development and research, in order to improve our products, meet the demands of the Hong Kong market, and create greater customer value.

In January 2017, Red Apple established Guangzhou Youpengke Information Technology Co., Ltd. (广州优朋客信息科技有限公司) in Guangzhou, China. We developed locally tailored Essential Systems and Intimate Systems, which are fully supported cloud platforms. Essential Systems caters to customers in specific industries, while the Intimate Systems series primarily offers cloud-supported, multifunctional integrated services such as customer relationship systems, voice and contact center solutions for corporate customers in Hong Kong.

Our Values

We aim to enable customers to leverage the benefits of information technology to enhance work efficiency, reduce operating costs, and gain a competitive advantage. Through continuous innovation and technological advancement, we strive to offer customers increased professionalism and create even greater value.


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