BizFAX-E100 - FAX Server for Enterprise

Paperless! Save Resources & Time!

BizFAX-E100 allows consumers to save greatly on resources such as paper, electricity, time and money.



1. Cost reductions
 BizFAX delivers a significant reduction in fax and document delivery costs by eliminating the need for paper-based delivery, stand-alone fax machines and associated maintenance, supply, equipment and labor costs.
2. Time savings
BizFAX significantly reduces the time it takes your employees to exchange documents with customers or suppliers-resulting in faster sales cycles, quicker customer service and improved efficiency.
3. Document security
BizFAX offers electronic document delivery solution that helps you comply with regulations and safeguard information security. Faxes are securely and immediately delivered to your client. Privacy is ensured.
4. Reliability & Mobility
BizFAX runs on embedded OS and is a trusted and reliable fax server. No more paper jams, lost pages or toner mishaps on office environment. And it's also a mobile fax machine, send and receive faxes even outside your office.
5. Full series
BizFAX family consist of 6 models that are E100, E200, S200, S400, M800 and M3000(E1), in which the smallest one supports 1 line only and the biggest one supports 30 lines to receive and send faxes simultaneously. BizFAX can easily meet the unique needs of different sizes of companies.

1. Install BizFAX Client on a computer, and then you own a Virtual Fax Machine.
2. The FXS port is to connect a physical fax machine for scan, print or fax directly.
3. Compatible with PSTN (FXO) .
4. Can communicate by phone before fax.
5. Auto convert documents as doc, xls and pdf to fax format tiff by BizFAX Printer.
6. Auto create a single fax document with multiple pages from multiple documents.
7. Send a fax to multiple numbers at the same time.
8. Customizable fax page header.
9. User is able to make annotation, signature and stamp through BizFAX Editor.
10. If the other party manually receives a fax, user can make a call to talk with the other party at first by virtual fax extension and then send fax after the call.
11. FAX to Email
12. Can save up quantity of fax documents. E serial memory is about 500M (about 15000 pages) and expandable by Net Disk; S serial and M serial takes with infinite memory.
13. Virtual fax extensions can make calls; send emails and instant messages to each other.



                                                                                    Web GUI Interface

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