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PBX Buddy B20 IP PBX

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PBX Buddy B20 is an advanced enterprise communication solution with powerful Private Branch Exchange (PBX) functionality. This innovative product delivers efficient, flexible, and reliable communication experience for businesses and organizations. With support for multiple lines and users, PBX Buddy B20 offers comprehensive call management features such as automated answering, voicemail, and call logs. It also provides rich communication capabilities including voice calls, video calls, and instant messaging, accessible on various endpoints, enabling employees to communicate and collaborate efficiently anytime, anywhere. PBX Buddy B20 features an intuitive management interface for easy configuration and administration by system administrators. Additionally, it incorporates robust security features including authentication, data encryption, and security safeguards, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of communications.


Extension : 200

Concurrent Calls : 80

Max FXS Ports : 8

Max FXO Ports : 8

Max GSM Ports : 8

Max E1/T1 Ports : -