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IP phones offer a flexible, scalable solutions

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Business meetings, remote collaboration

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Intercom and paging solutions ideal for office buildings

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All MyPBX-Yeastar Products

MyPBX Yeastar S series VoIP PBX

Unparalleled Ease of Use and Management

With an intuitive browser-based interface and a robust set of management tools, productivity soars as you focus on your business, not your phone system.


Quick install

 Supports batch automatic configuration of mainstream brand IP phones and analog voice gateways; voice transmission through IP network without laying telephone lines.

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Simple management, easy maintenance

Based on web management, the interface is friendly and easy to operate, no professional management personnel are required, and only basic computer network knowledge can complete daily management and maintenance.



Linkus dedicated UC client

Regardless of where in the world, as long as there is WIFI or mobile phone network, Linkus can register enterprise extensions to the user's mobile phone or computer, so as to realize free exchanges with colleagues' extensions, or dial and answer customer calls through company external lines, and provide conference calls , One-key recording, address book, call record and other rich functions.



Excellent Interoperability


Use Your Existing IP Phones, SIP Trunk...all at your choice

  • Easily integrate IP phones, hotel phones, SIP paging systems, door phones, and any SIP compliant endpoints, and systems.

  • Proven interoperability with worldwide SIP/PSTN/ISDN trunks; certified with 80+ SIP trunk providers.

  • Work seamlessly with legacy PBX, software-based PBX, or other servers to preserve the existing equipment and capitalize on the new technology


  • Quickly auto provision IP phones from Yealink, Fanvil, Cisco, Snom, Polycom, Gigaset, Grandstream, Htek etc.






Yeastar S Series S100

Yeastar-S-Series-S100 main view


Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX: Performance and Power

Designed with the small and medium sized enterprises in mind, supporting up to 500 users and built using the very latest technology, the Yeastar S-Series delivers exceptional cost savings, productivity and efficiency improvements, delivering power, performance, quality and peace of mind. The all new S-Series is engineered for the communications needs of today and tomorrow, and with the Yeastar unique modular design future proofs your investment choice.

Appreciate the Easy-to-use Solution
The S-Series features fast installation with comprehensive auto provisioning, advanced plug and play capability, together with an intuitive Metro UI driven by point-and-click configuration, from any location.

Your Choice of Technologies and Features
With a unique modular design, the S-Series will install into the most demanding of environments. You can also take advantage of advanced enterprise grade features with the fullest and most complete software versions.

Telephone System without Risk
S-Series is built with the future in mind, utilizing the latest technology advances, from Freescale industrial grade Quad Core processors, TI DSP voice processors, and long-life power units and lightning protection.

Play Safe and Expect Reliability
With advanced failover, security, monitoring and reporting capabilities as standard, combined with an internal firewall and with support for TLS and SRTP encryption, there has never been such a robust system.


- 100 (up to 200) Users
- 30 (up to 60) Max Concurrent Calls
- 16 Max Analog Ports
- 16 Max BRI Ports
- 6 Max GSM/3G Ports
- 2 Max E1/T1/J1 Ports
- 100 VoIP Trunks