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Intimate Call Manager is a call center system software for a customer service platform that helps businesses handle incoming calls in an efficient manner.


The best call center system provides queues for routing calls and reports for managers to track agent performance in real time. With the right data, managers can estimate caller demand, staff appropriately and improve phone response times to ultimately create a better customer experience. 





Effectively route calls to the right department based on caller input

Auto Dialer

Make outbound calling easy with an automated dialing system


Auto distribute your calls to the best-suited agent via routing

Call List Management

Easy access to all the customer information for better conversion

Call Monitoring

Ensure high call quality by monitoring real-time calls

Reporting and Dashboards

Get better visibility and hold on every metric that matters


Call Recording

Recording every call and use these recordings to score your agents


Flow Automation 

Improve the overall productivity with automated workflows 



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Call center software for better customer service.



The advantages of call center software for businesses



Businesses that care about customer service cannot ignore the benefits of call center software.

Manage incoming calls with ease

At first, a single receptionist might have been enough. But as your business grows, you will need a team to handle the phones. A professional call center management system makes setting up your call flows and managing your queues much simpler than ever before.

Keep track of your team

Call center software monitors every aspect of your call flow, such as customers in queue, average speed to answer and average talk time. These metrics are presented with up-to-the-second accuracy so managers can quickly resolve issues that come up.

Enhance customer experiences

Your phone support has a huge impact on user satisfaction. Rather than leave customers on the line endlessly, call center software can provide interactive prompts and business information upfront and then effectively route each call to an available agent.

Easy to manage

Give supervisors the freedom of doing business their way without the hefty price tag.

Dashboards – Improve interactions on-the-fly with real-time queue and agent dashboards.

Unified Collaboration – Collaborate quickly with coworkers via phone, meetings, chat, or text.

CRM - Better interactions and automated workflows with powerful CRM system and more.