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Call Recording |Telephone Recording System

In Hong Kong companies, call recording can help train employees' skills of customer communication, record important voice information, and even provide effective legal evidence for commercial disputes. In order to achieve call recording, many companies purchase multiple recording phones, recording boxes and other equipment. Not only does it cost more, but it also often causes inconvenience in recording operation and management due to differences with the telephone system. Does call recording really have to be so troublesome?

In fact, it is not necessary! The MyPBX VOIP PBX, which has been exclusively represented by Red Apple for many years, has a built-in automatic recording system for call recording in all types of corporate phone systems, providing users with efficient call recording services

Call Recording enables all your inbound and outbound phone calls to be recorded. The system would detect all call conversations and record them automatically. The call recordings would be saved in the folder you specify and stored in a USB device.

MyPBX enables tracking of all call details, from who made the call, whom is called to, call time, call length, whether the call is from inbound or outbound etc., all could be view clearly and recorded effectively.


If it is a telephone system such as NEC or Panasonic, we can implement the automatic recording system in front of the current telephone system.