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  Support IDAP

T1 line (or called IDAP), is a digital telephone (Digital) line, is the first generation of digital telephone lines, through the current network cable to achieve multi-channel telephone.


IDAP called T1 system in Hong Kong provides 23 lines + 1 line for communication (caller number). Therefore, one IDAP can provide up to 23 lines. In addition, IDAP providers typically provide 100 consecutive numbers so that the phone system of small and medium businesses can assign direct lines to colleagues. When a colleague makes an outgoing call, the direct line number of the colleague is displayed, and there will not be a line like FXO that specifies the direct line number. With 23 lines, some advanced features within the telephone system such as call queues (Queue), or Interworking Voice Response (IVR) are also available. When guests call the hotline to IVR  Queue, they are all working behind the scenes. The user's phone will not ring until the call enters the Queue. If the FXO line is designed in this way, the line will be busy for a long time, which is not practical.


IDAP is not without its shortcomings. It needs the support of the phone system, and the phone system also needs expansion cards for code conversion, and the number of lines is fixed at 23. If the number of calls is not too many, it will waste money.


And our phone system can support IDAP.